Bel Ami Gifs | Fagsmut tumblr favourites

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Need. Bel Ami gifs.

Here's a gallery of my favourite Bel Ami Online gifs which I've posted to fagsmut tumblr over the years.

Take a look at any porn-friendly social media site, and you won't scroll long before spotting a BelAmi gif. Chances are it'll show a big swinging dick, a pink tongue flicking around an uncut penis tip, pendulous young low-hangers, or a Euro-boy's big uncut cock flapping wildly as he's fucked. Shots like these feature heavily in BelAmi scenes, and thanks to the studio's strong production values and creative direction, gifs like these easily steal attention on any blog page or twitter feed.

I visit lots of gay porn sites (in my never-ending quest *it seems* to gif every porn video in gaydom) and BelAmi Online is one of the very few that cuts through my porn fatigue. We all see so much free, mediocre porn around the web, it's refreshing to visit a site that can still send you on a pants-down click frenzy. Everything about the site is vivid, sharp and fresh -- every time you visit it's like that feeling of putting on a brand new pair of undies.