Aussie twink: well-hung and uniformed twinks in blond-haired suck-and-fuck-fest

Getting to know the private’s privates, as two young soldiers suck and fuck like whores! HD

Jaxon Radoc, Sven Laarson

Staxus says:

Camaraderie and comradeship are two of the most important – and arguably least recognised – aspects of maintaining a motivated, upbeat army, so any chance for young soldiers to get to know their fellow enlistees better has to be a good thing. As privates Jaxon Radoc and Sven Laarson are only too eager to demonstrate in this wonderful blond-haired suck-and-fuck-fest that we just know is going to appeal to anyone who likes their guys to be handsome, well-hung and uniformed. Not that either of these lads remain in their khaki for very long, it must be noted.

Having been given orders by their superior, they’re soon taking the very first opportunity to start getting intimately acquainted with their fellow private’s privates – Radoc showing a particular keenness in slurping on every rampant uncut inch that his buddy has to offer. Of course, such keen enthusiasm will come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen the Aussie beauty in action before. Here’s a lad who lives for cock in every sense, and it comes as no surprise at all when he takes the first chance to plonk his ass down on Laarson’s knob.

From that point on, the boy is pretty much subject to the brutal fruits of his own desires, with Laarson given free rein to bugger him in a series of intimate positions on the army bed. Not that Radoc appears displeased with his treatment – indeed, given the violent manner with which he spurts his wad as Laarson bangs away at his ass he’s more than enamoured with his predicament. A feverish coupling that only concludes when Laarson fires his own heavy round!