Darius Ferdynand’s ass rimmed, fingered, and fucked in executive daddy’s kitchen

Published on January 16, 2016 by fagsmut

MenAtPlay: “The Monday morning alarm goes, you wake up in a groggy blur from a weekend of debauchery and yet again, there’s a complete stranger hogging most of your duvet. We’ve all done it ,and don’t deny it, you just want ‘what’s-his-name’ to get the hell out of your home right now! But we do it over and over again, chasing that rare occasion when you could strike gold .

“I mean, imagine you roll over and you’re laying next to the perfect, sculpted tight young beautiful body of Darius Ferdynand — his peachy, firm, cock-teasing bubble butt just laying there. Or maybe you’d prefer your stranger to be the huge furry boulder of a man that is Adam Champ! Not so keen to get rid of your bed buddy now eh?!

“Now imagine the young boy is horny as fuck in the morning, and that the mature daddy gets up, showers and puts on his power suit. Well until that dream hook-up happens ( I’m sure it will ) watch it happen before your eyes in “The Morning After”.


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