Fucked by the boss: Masculine guys’ lunchtime quickie

Published on January 1, 2016 by fagsmut

Masculine athletic guy lays naked, face down on a hotel bed with his big tanned butt exposed. The (bathroom?) door opens, and in walks a fit looking older guy in jeans, a white shirt and tie (the title on the original video at MaleMotion says it’s the guy’s boss).

The boss likes what he sees, giving his bulging crotch a quick yank through his jeans. He walks to the foot of the bed and straddles the bottom’s legs. The employee’s beautiful thick thighs and butt wiggle invitingly. The boss releases his belt buckle and reaches inside his jeans to squeeze his cock to quicken his boner. He can’t keep his hands off his subordinate’s juicy butt, squeezing it with one hand, and working his cock with the other.

With his boner hanging out of his jeans, the boss fumbles around with a condom. He unbuttons his shirt some and flicks his tie to one side and pushes his cock in. There’s some awkwardness trying to keep his shirt out of the way and find a good fuck position, but he soon figures it out. He pushes the bottom further up the bed and climbs on, mounting his hot ass, showing off his big meaty thighs.

Some very hot man-fucking follows, with both men using their strong physiques to make the most of this quick and dirty fuck. When the top shoots his load he pulls out, standing back while the bottom guy tugs his own thick uncut dick and plays with the man’s cum-filled condom.

Finally the visitor picks his clothes up from the floor and heads back into the bathroom, showing off his magnificent butt on the way in!