Hung str8 bottom

Published on January 16, 2016 by fagsmut

“Growing up I always thought my dick was OK” said Isaac, our 21 year old, 6′ tall straight boy with a 9.5 inch dick. It wasn’t long before he had to strip down for a high school wrestling match weigh in, and when he heard the gasps and comments from the competitors, he knew he had something special. And, he soon found out his big schlong was a pretty good pussy magnet for those girls who were up for the challenge.

But, like with all good things there’s usually a downside…like the girls who ran for the hills when he unzipped and slipped his big hard monster from it’s hiding place inside his jeans. Well, there’s no pussy in sight, but a dude who was more than up for the challenge. Doug, a 20 year old green eyed hottie, also a high school wrestler, sports a big 9” cock and is super excited about the prospect of getting fucked by a tall, built, hung straight dude.