Suited-up Brenner Bolton barebacked in “Bell Boys”

Published on January 21, 2016 by fagsmut

Two horny bellboys take take advantage of a cashed-up attorney’s need for gay sex. Zane and Chandler dutifully arrive at Brenner Bolton’s bedside, holding a tube of lube.

Minutes before, Brenner arrived in his room and stretched out on his bed, flicking through some porn and, looking forward to rubbing one out. But with no lotion at hand, he calls front-desk with a special request.

The bellboys hand over the lube as the suited attorney keeps rubbing his boner through his pants. Spying an opportunity to fuck another one of their horny guests, they drop their pants. One goes down on the attorney while the other sticks his boner in Brenner’s mouth.

Later, still dressed in jacket and tie, Brenner Bolton gets a bareback spit-roasting — greedily taking hard bellboy cock at both ends!

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